Hiding outside the studio with Hughesy, the hired actor - Prosper Taruvinga, says , 'I want to be very close to you right now,' before sneaking into the studio.

"Prosper is one of the most sought after Digital Marketing Consultants and SEO Consultants in Melbourne." - Daily Mail


I’m Prosper Taruvinga from Livelong Digital here in Melbourne and I specialise in lead generation for small businesses using online organic traffic.

At Livelong Digital We Build Products (Tools, Systems and Strategies) That Allow Small Businesses To Have Access To Customers, In The Same Way, Big Companies Can Today.

We help small businesses get new customers for the products or services they sell

With our strategies, you can attract a flood of new customers that Pay, Stay, and Refer.

Luckily, it doesn’t need to be as hard as it may seem. With our simple system, we’ll show you how to prosper online with our team of Digital Marketing specialists, by your side.

Getting found by nearby searchers while they are actively looking for a product or service is the single most impactful thing any small business can do to survive today.

The way we help our clients to do their marketing to avoid overwhelm is- We help them find the right market for their product or service, create a resonating message and then we help them to choose a way to deliver that message. I want to invite you to leave your digital headaches behind, and stand out from your competition and reach profitable new markets with the Online Prosperity BluePrint.

Introducing Your Online Prosperity Blueprint…

Our unique four-step process gives you the plan you’ve been craving – and we offer the helping hand, by expertly implementing it all for you!
If you want your business to ‘live longer’ and really prosper in today's digital age, you need us at Livelong Digital, on your team.



Our unique system sets your business up for maximum success!

Prosper Taruvinga is a Lead Generation Expert that will help your business ‘become Profitable and Enjoyable’ by implementing powerful Digital Marketing strategies, so you can truly prosper!

Let us take the uncertainty, stress and hassle out of managing the business growth and marketing away from you – so you can simply look after your growing list of happy clients and customers.

It really is a win-win situation. You get your time back, whilst we help your business to grow!

And we do it, with our own, very unique, Online Prosperity Blueprint.

Here’s how we go about it…


We deep-dive into your ideal customer or client pain points, establish where they currently are, where they wish to be, and paint a perfect picture around how your product or service is the answer to their prayers.


We start developing content that inspires, educates and provides value to your audience. We position you as an authority in your industry, so people sit-up and take notice of what you have to say.


We turn your advertising into profit with an effective and authentic sales process. Never feel awkward about selling again, as you’ll be focusing on the results you provide for each client and be richly rewarded for your efforts. Mutual benefit – everything to gain!


We help you build a community, develop deeper relationships with your clients and audience, generate loyalty and help create repeat business. Raving fans are your ticket to steady income and lowered advertising costs. Building Strong Relationships = Greater Success!

Done WITH You

These days, whether you’re a digital native or not, if you run a business, you CAN’T afford to miss out on utilising The Online Prosperity Blueprint
Your people, your customers, your perfect clients – they are all searching for your products and services. Can they find you?
The opportunities in online are endless, and quite affordable when done right.
Still, many business owners get stuck down a rabbit hole. Getting lost in their own Facebook feeds, suffering from ‘competition envy’ but with no idea how to implement an effective Digital Marketing plan for themselves.
It can be a little overwhelming and daunting, right? (Not to mention time consuming!)
Luckily, it doesn’t need to be as hard as it may seem. With our simple system, we’ll show you how to prosper online with our Digital Marketing specialists, by your side.

Done FOR You

You would not pull out your own sore tooth. You would go to the dentist.

Do you know exactly where your ideal clients and customers hang out? Sick of the scattergun approach, where you simply hope that something will stick?
 Many Digital Marketing companies claim to get you in the top results of Search Engines, but their entire system rests upon the random guesswork opposing to the calculative approach of measuring your company’s performance. 

 No matter what the platform, our Digital Marketing Agency knows precisely how to utilise them all in the best way, to get tangible results for your business.

Digital Marketing moves at a rapid pace and is changing every single day. The sooner you jump on that train, the faster your business will grow. But on the flip side – if you snooze, you WILL lose!

We’ll put together the perfect customised Digital Marketing Strategy for your business and take the day-to-day hassles of posting and creating content, off your hands.

So, you can sit back, look after your steady stream of happy clients, and watch your business prosper!




At Livelong Digital, our marketing services enable you to:

  • Attract new customers
  • Increase your web traffic
  • Strengthen your brand image
  • Boost your sales and,
  • Achieve all of the above easier than you might think!


Get Started

Why make do with a website that doesn’t look or work the way you need, when we are the answer! Our tweaks are super easy and totally fast.

Whether you need minor, regular or custom tweaks Tweak My Website can help you.



Do you know exactly where your ideal clients and customers hang out? Sick of the scattergun approach, where you simply hope that something will stick?
 Many social media marketing companies claim to get you in the top results of Search Engines,


Attract more potential customers to your website by ranking better on Google and turn those leads into paying customers with your high-converting website copy.



Grow Your Instagram To Over 30,000 Real Followers Who Care About Your Brand

We are an Instagram Promotion Agency that Helps Build & grows your brand while you sleep.





  The Online Prosperity Experience [PODCAST]

Prosper Taruvinga’s powerful Digital Marketing Strategies and actionable tactics that you can use right now have helped more than 50 000 people from over 10 countries to create meaningful businesses that are profitable and enjoyable.

  Livelong Digital Community

This is a community made up of business owners just like you from Australia mainly and other parts of the world. Our hope is that you will find people who teach and inspire you. The people who help you reach your goals. The more you put into this space, the more you’ll receive back from it. 

  The Online Prosperity Show

This is an Online TV Show hosted By Prosper Taruvinga. Prosper believes that every online business should be profitable and enjoyable. In this show, Prosper finds professionals in their fields and interviews them to educate us on what they do, and they discuss ways to help you earn more money with less struggle.

Member Options




Up to 40 hours of dedicated work from our seasoned Digital Marketers, Writers, Editors and Webmasters following a proven workflow that drives results.
The essential SEO practices are applied to 20 of the most important pages of your site Influencing your relevance for at least 20 keywords.



DFY Quarterly

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DWY Monthly

Five hours of on-demand web development, graphic design or SEO strategies so you can have your team implement for you.

Package Inclusions

-Website tweaks on demand
-5 Hours of Web Development or Social media marketing and design strategies.

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